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06 February 2015

Webcasting is usually something that you're sort of blissfully ignorant of... until you have some product you need to pitch, or when you start having to telecommute to your coworkers' team every day. Then you all of a sudden have to jump into way more than you ever thought would be there and it can be a little overwhelming.
So here's a simple list of the top 5 best webcasting platforms available today.

03 February 2015

A number of folks have been using Anymeeting-- which is an ad-supported conference software tool. To the credit of Anymeeting; it is a very good product for organizations and get-togethers who happen to maybe just host a webinar maybe once or twice and then be done.

For that, it's pretty good. There is something each user has to download, which can be annoying if users have firewalls that block downloads. But other than that it's a nifty little tool that people can use in a pinch.

01 February 2015

Live video streaming is becoming more and more popular these days-- and it's only going to become something that's more and more useful and prevalent in today's modern technological culture. So naturally, if you're getting serious about live video streaming, you want to find the very best software that you can get your hands on that doesn't break but also doesn't cost a fortune, right?

25 January 2015

So you're looking to host a webinar with over 1,000 people attending. Now you're cooking with gas, and looking at the finest way to present to your audience.

This is a huge deal. When you're presenting to that many people at one time, the way you present to them matters. Tremendously.
Context is everything-- not just in webinar software, but in everything. If you took virtually anything that was in a modern art museum and put it in a garage sale... consider what that might do to the perceived value of any said item.

24 January 2015

If you're in the market for Virtual Classroom software, your organization is looking to do something very important. Collaborative learning.
You could be an online university looking to instruct students on what will shape their careers, or a government agency that's collaborating research and project management over virtual conference software, or you could be a fortune 500 corporation that's looking to buy some software that will make sales training a more streamlined process-- whatever your reason is, it's invariably going to be something very important.

23 January 2015
BARCELONA, SPAIN – January 25, 2014 – Digital Samba has released version 4.3.1 of their OnSync web conferencing system. OnSync enables users to schedule webinars, virtual classrooms or meetings. OnSync can be used in the cloud or locally hosted, with options of complete white-labeling.
22 January 2015

Virtual classroom software seems like it's this immensely complicated and technical topic. This has mostly been true if you've ever had to use big-brand video conference software to teach a class or give an instructional. Yes. Those software giants produce products that require whole teams of specialized people to install the product, and they can actually cost much more to get rid of than they do just to deal with.

Don't get stuck with bulky software that's a pain to administer, maintain, and actually put to use.

19 January 2015

University is a demanding environment for learning; in fact, the outcome of students' quality of life largely does depend on how well they learn while in university. That much has not changed, and probably never will change; there will always be students pursuing higher learning, and their ability to learn in those environments will always be very critical.

18 January 2015

Virtual classroom solutions are making education in the modern world take a turn towards the
technological. Today, it's possible that educators can instantly reach an ever-wider range of students across vast geological expanses. This is making education cheaper, more accessible, and more powerful than it ever has been before.

This technological change away from the inefficiency of having to travel to brick-and-mortar
school buildings towards virtual classroom solutions is happening so rapidly and so clearly that

17 January 2015

Remember how back in school you might have gotten one of those old professors or teachers that would spend about half the class trying to figure out how to turn on an overhead projector? And how frustrating that was?

The digital age is sadly no different.