Technical specifications

Client-less for easy access

If you can watch YouTube® you can use OnSync™.

It's so small you'll hardly notice this but the OnSync client file size, inclusive of all components, language elements and graphics, is so small it will download in a matter of seconds. This means it can be downloaded every time you access a conference room, with minimum effort.

Taking part in an OnSync session is similar to visiting any other website — you just navigate to a URL in your web browser by typing in the address or clicking on a link. Wait for the session to load and connect. The process is equally easy for moderators.

This platform is very different from our competitors, many of whom claim to be “client-less” but are not. Some rely on less common third party technology such as Sun Java to be installed on your machine. While Java is cross-platform technology it is only installed in about 65% of internet-enabled computers compared to the more popular Flash® plugin OnSync, almost ubiquitous at 99.9% penetration. There are two reasons for this: firstly the Flash® plugin is approx 1MB and easy to download, whereas Java Virtual Machine is approx 23 MB. Secondly, popular services such as YouTube®, video portals and websites require Flash® to function, meaning users will happily install the plugin, if it is not already installed.

Another technology you will find used by our competitors is ActiveX — a Windows®-only technology and usually requires the download and launch of an executable file (.exe). Due to the dangers of picking up embedded viruses, many customers find this off-putting.

Other competitors require the installation of entire applications, which is even more intrusive. Effectively this means people you want to present to online (e.g. customers or clients) may be unwilling or unable to install these applications just to receive your information. Additionally, virus savvy corporations often block employees from installing applications with high security restrictions.

Cost is another advantage of a client-less application. Installed applications need to be updated, fixed and maintained. With OnSync however, every time a newer version, an improved feature or a fix for a security issue or bug arises, only the central server needs to be updated — leaving you free to get on with the business of doing business. IT and support savings are hard to quantify, but partners and clients tell us their support levels dropped by over 90% after they switched from client-based solutions to OnSync — translating to considerable savings for them!

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