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Media & publishing

Highly scalable broadcast communications over the web

Reliable, easy, and scalable events

We've learned that the unique needs of the media & publishing industry include the ability to scale communications and participation into the hundreds — even thousands or tens of thousands — of simultaneous users reliably and with consistent quality. OnSync delivers on the promise of large-scale and high-quality broadcast events in several ways, earning it's position as the right choice when success is the only option.

More ways to win with OnSync

It's true that OnSync is a stable and reliable way to host a large-scale event viewable (live and archived) by thousands of simultaneous users. However, one of the great things about it is that the product is versatile enough to be used in other ways, as well. This helps our clients to achieve maximum ROI on their investment in web conferencing technology. OnSync doubles as a way to conduct small group meetings, professional development and training, and everyday staff meetings.

Features & benefits

  • Seamlessly scalable capacity up to 1,500 users and beyond
  • Deploy on site or from our cloud
  • API and brand integration
  • High clarity image and sound
  • Rich and intuitive feature sets like whiteboarding & polling
  • Intelligent, fluently mobile-friendly software

No downloads makes joining easy

The key to success in large-scale broadcast web events is actually very basic; it's to ensure that the audience can join the event quickly and easily and without the hassle of having to download special software in order to participate. OnSync, as a completely browser-based solution, requires no such download. Participants click a single link to join the session, and the process takes approximately 5 seconds.

Uniquely OnSync: one way we're different

Besides being easily scalable into the thousands of participants, and not requiring end-users to download software in order to join an event, OnSync's most popular feature among Media & Broadcast clients is our robust Rights Management toolset. Rights Management allows a moderator (or assistant) to tightly control the capabilities of participants; turn on or off individual features on-the-fly, and adjust permissions at any time.

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