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OnSync 5.1.1 r20956
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Veröffentlicht am 23. Juni 2017

Feature highlights of the 5.1.1 release include new controls for external audio as per web on mobile apps, the possibility to show the shared screen in the floating panel and added 'Caption stream text' and 'Caption stream background' elements to the branding colors. These features, and many more, have been requested by you, our partners and customers. Thanks for helping us serve you better.

Mobile devices

Neue Features
Implemented new controls for external audio as per web on mobile apps.

Account center

Neue Features
Added 'Caption stream text' and 'Caption stream background' elements to the branding colors. Implemented the system generated session URL in the friendly URL field when editing a saved meeting.
Resolved issue where telephony details fields have been displayed on profile and account details tabs for company account. Resolved issue where 'Push to talk' checkbox could not be unchecked after unchecking 'Microphone' checkbox. Resolved issue on telephony pages where columns have been overlapped. Resolved issue where more than 6 months in the future could be selected in a calendar for recurring meeting. Resolved issue where the system check page wasn't displayed. Resolved issue in AC - Messages where the messages body was displayed incorrectly. Resolved issue at inviting participants where 'First name' and 'Last name' labels have been broken to the next line for French and Portuguese languages. Resolved issue in AC on change email address page where emails could not be submitted by pressing the enter key. Resolved issue in AC on the change email address page where email fields were not highlighted when submitting an empty/invalid email. Resolved issue in AC where incorrect session registration URL appeared on registration tab after changing username. Resolved issue in a live session where the branding colours were not applied to the button on the warning popup.


Neue Features
Added 'refresh' link to the idle timeout popup in a live session. Improved the usability of the navigation button for documents in Content sharing window in a live session. Added possibility to change role of phone and merged users during conference for Twilio audio provider. Added the possibility to show the shared screen in the floating panel.
Resolved issue where changing 'Allow Change Dial in Mode' permissions on service plan/user's service plan level broke the sessions when PhoneSync was not enabled. Resolved issue where custom fields have been missing on session registration page. Resolved issue where shared screen was not displayed after changing the codec settings in a recording. Resolved issue in a live session where 'Hand raise' status was not displayed for promoted moderator.


HF4944 - Resolved issue where the 'All' chat tab was not displayed correctly for promoted moderators. HF4942 - Resolved issue where the controls in Conference synclet were displayed incorrectly in the Chrome browser. HF4933 - Resolved issue in the conference window where an empty bar appeared at the bottom while broadcasting.
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