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OnSync 5.0.9 r20428
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Veröffentlicht am 07. April 2017

Feature highlights of the 5.0.9 release include a new date filter for admin statistics, improved readability of 3rd party bridge telephony CDRs, arrow key navigation in live presentation documents and the new tab 'Participant Inbox' in the chat. These features, and many more, have been requested by you, our partners and customers. Thanks for helping us serve you better.

Mobile devices

Neue Features
On mobile, the "tap here" link is now implemented as a prominent button.

Account center

Neue Features
Added start and end dates filters to admin dashboard statistics. Improved readability of 3rd party bridge telephony CDRs in OnSync telephony admin. Improved UI in AC when creating a meeting by moving the blank area where the user fills in the friendly URL to the side of the URL and by adding a placeholder in the password field as well as in the topic field. Added 'copy to clipboard' link for session and session's friendly registration URLs in the 'add session' form. Restyled select boxes and invalid content for flat UI theme on session registration page. Automatically adapt times on session registration and public pages to the viewer's OS defined timezone, unless he is logged into OnSync, then we use his account-defined timezone settings. CDR stats now include phone users who connected to the lobby prior to session start.
Resolved issue in AC registration page where an invalid error message was displayed for an empty username field. Resolved issue in AC where a message could not be sent to user's email, if the recipient and the sender were from the same domain. Resolved issue in AC where names that should be capitalized were reverting to lower case after saving them to the address book (including through adding participants to a session). Fixed issue in AC where recurring meetings were scheduled incorrectly after changing the meeting's frequency. Resolved issue in AC where in Internet Explorer the clicking area of 'Add to: Participants' dropdown box was too small in the 'Add session' form. Resolved issue in 'Technical Info'/send back email where 'username' and 'email' fields were blank.


Neue Features
You can now use the left/right keyboard arrows to navigate through the slides of a presentation. Added "Participant Inbox" chat tab, which collects all incoming Participant-to-Moderators chat messages. Added option to ban users directly via the chat window. Button branding colors are now also applied to application sharing floating panel. The chat window now has a more visible highlight notification to let users know that there are unread messages. This can be disabled in the chat menu. Improved stability in the closed captioning system. The floating panel initial state can now be set to minimized/maximized/hidden via a configuration setting. Added the ability to limit the length of online recordings via a configuration setting. MP4 recordings are now disabled in phone-only sessions because they are not supported in that mode. Resolved issue in live session where previously submitted private answers were not displayed for recently promoted moderators.
Fixed issue where deleted chat messages were still appearing in the floating panel. Resolved issue in hybrid audio/phone only sessions where phone participants could join the locked session after reopening the session. Resolved issue in live session where previously submitted private answers were not displayed for recently promoted moderators. Resolved issue where the default PC sound device was automatically set to MP4 virtual audio device after installing appshare.


HF4851 - Fixed issue in user's CDR report where only the current month was displayed in billing period dropdown list. HF4850 - Resolved issue in Admin where 'Push to Talk' menu button could not be disabled on server settings page. HF4849 - Resolved issue in AC where no session friendly URL was generated automatically when duplicating a session that had an auto-generated URL. HF4839 - Fixed issue where the floating panel still displayed chat messages after using 'Clear chat' option. HF4833 - Fixed issue where deleted private answers were still displayed for promoted moderators.
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