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OnSync 5.1.7 r23019
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Veröffentlicht am 26. Januar 2018

Feature highlights of the 5.1.7 release include the ability to upload multiple files with improved visual feedback and new iconography for improved user friendliness and various other usability improvements. We continue our focus on extending and improving the user experience of our new html5 webrtc web conferencing platform.

Account center

Resolved issue where the incorrect time interval was displayed on the Usage statistics page for users with a negative timezone.


Neue Features
Improved iconography to improve user friendliness. Implemented status display when uploading files. Implemented multiple file uploads. Implemented a new tab feature for polls in the media library. Add polling to session permission management. Implemented a chat toggle in the settings menu of a session. New sort functionality added to polling menu. Implemented the first iteration of the polling feature. Implemented file progress for media files on HTML5 converter. Implemented new color theming options to branding function.
Resolved issue where Questions & Answers was misspelled on the left bar. Resolved issue where the wrong mouse cursor appeared when hovering over Q&A buttons. Fixed issue where audience members had to click twice in the "Add Question" field to be able to type their question. Resolved issue in Q&A where answer controls overlapped when hovering over the megaphone button. Fixed issue where (...) were not added at the end of a long question/answer.


HF662 - Fixed issue where an audience member was able to join a session even after the last user left. HF661 - Fixed issue where the session was not updated for an audience user if he joined the meeting before the owner. HF657 - Resolved issue where preview screen did not appear after logging in and out of a room. HF656 - Resolved issue where user could not hear or see other users when on different servers. HF653 - Resolved issue where screen sharing could not be stopped after moving a user from Speaker to Audience. HF652 - Fixed issue where recording stopped after moving a user from speaker to audience. HF648 - Fixed issue where .txt, .doc and .docx files could not be converted. HF539 - Fixed issue where contacts were not added to a new group created on Address book. HF536 - Fixed issue where colors did not reset to defaults when clicking on button in Account Center.
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