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Blog Post: Media Planet features Digital Samba in "Ask the Expert"

In its piece called "Web & Video Conferencing: Your Guide to the Future of Meetings", Media Planet has featured Digital Samba USA President Dave Hittinger in the Ask the Experts column.

The special interest piece, which includes articles specific to Web & Video Conferencing as a means of improving productivity and cutting the cost of business travel, quoted Dave as saying "It's been said that 'necessity is the mother of invention'. In tough times, scarcity drives innovation and search for a better way to do business. So, candidly, business is booming and clients can't get enough of what we're offering. OnSync web and video products are easy-to-buy, and simple to use. Ask us about the possibilty of a no-cost evaluation subscription."
The publication will ship as part of the Friday edition of USA Today to major markets throughout the US.

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