23. June 2010

Version OnSync 4.0.5 release 1661
Thank you for all your feedback, many of the features/fixes below are due to your comments.


FEATURE: Permissions can now be set on a per user basis by clicking on their avatar in the user list.
FEATURE: Fine tuning of default permissions.
FEATURE: Allow appshare host to take back control easily. Local mouse overrides remote mouse.
FEATURE: Cleaned up lists of selected PC programs and windows to show friendlier names.
FEATURE: Added a security rule for sharing excel selected windows.
FEATURE: OnSync now shows an orange bubble notification when control is granted/revoked.
FEATURE: We now use orange bubble for conference invites.
FEATURE: Files and folders can now be renamed.
FEATURE: Rooms are now ready for multilanguage.
FEATURE: Removed minimum synclet sizes and made sure that controls degrade gracefully.
FEATURE: We now show download progress in the Media Library.
FEATURE: When inviting a user to video or audio conference, they now have to approve.
FIX: Content share videos now play/pause and seek reliably for all users.
FIX: Fixed a bug that prevented file sharing from working correctly.
FIX: Fixed a bug that stopped orange bubbles from fading out completely in some cases.
FIX: Fixed a rendering issue of bottom and right of scroll bars.
FIX: Improved media library architecture.
FIX: Avoid horizontal scrollbars showing in some cases in conference synclet.
FIX: Fixed an issue where late comers would not see all video/audio streams.
FIX: Video shape is now correctly propagated after stop/start of broadcast.
FIX: Small avatar image in user list and conference window is now aligned correctly.
FIX: In vertical view of the videoconference, the scrollbars no longer cover controls.
FIX: Fixed a bug that went straight to full desktop share instead of allowing choice of selected windows or applications.
FIX: Appshare checkboxes of selected windows and apps now align correctly.
FIX: Full screen mode now no longer resizes the stage for all users on exit.
FIX: Inviting to conference now works correctly in all permission states.
FIX: Usernames now display correctly for guests and invitees.
FIX: Fixed an issue that disallowed annotating PPTs and other document types.



FEATURE: Added text versions of emails for some email readers such as yahoo webmail.
FEATURE: Improved send message mechanism. Now allows accounts and any email address.
FEATURE: URL now reformats to a friendly URL after clicking join link in emails.
FEATURE: Performance and functionality increases in autocomplete of recipients.
FEATURE: Messages are now delivered correctly.
FEATURE: Improved password storing for browsers.
FEATURE: Reply and reply all now work for messages.
FEATURE: Drafts can now be edited and sent.
FEATURE: Sent messages are now saved.
FEATURE: Deleting messages now works.
FEATURE: Replaced "from" with "to" column for draft messages.
FEATURE: Replaced "from" with "to" column for sent messages.
FEATURE: Added language dropdown to profile and guest login pages.
FEATURE: Reworked messaging architecture.
FEATURE: Large scale progress in administration screens.
FIX: Improved display of message titles.
FIX: Improved profile image adding and changing.
FIX: Add Contact panel now closes when clicking save in Internet Explorer.
FIX: Fixed a rendering issue when validating in Internet Explorer.
FIX: Saving group membership now works in Internet Explorer.
FIX: Count of scheduled meetings counts number of meetings correctly again.
FIX: Phone is now not a required field.
FIX: Footer displays on all pages.
FIX: Feedback link opens in new window.
FIX: Fixed a bug where users sometimes got deactivated.
FIX: Confirmation messages appear correctly in message center.
FIX: Logout messages have been corrected, sometimes showed message sent.
FIX: Loading of sessions is now visually nicer, the guest tab does not "flash".

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