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OnSync 5.1.8 r23440
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Released on 23 March 2018

5.1.8 is action packed with features for the upcoming html5 / webrtc releass. Sneak preview - we are gonna announce a brand new product name.

Feature highlights include dial-in from telephone, closed captioning, increased size of video thumbnails, interactive content in tiled view, drag and drop tiles by title bar to rearrange order, turn chat and QnA on/off, folder "unfolding" in media library - and so much more. Check out the full list below.

1. There is currently no way to reconnect in case of connection failure. The user has to refresh the browser in order for the UI to enable the "Connect" button again. In most cases, a connection failure is a result of invalid bridge data, so reconnecting will not solve the problem anyways. And in order to pull in new bridge data, we currently require all users to leave the room.

2. Audience users who join the session after the phone connection procedure has already run will not see the connection state reflected in the left bar icon.

3. Users are not shown the "phone connection failure" notification when the phone connection attempt fails. They will however see an indication of the failure in the phone icon state in the left bar, as well as in the "Manage Phone Connection" popup.

4. Auto-connection is not enabled by default. Speaker will have to use the "Manage Phone Connection" popup to initiate the phone connection.

5. The following use cases will fail:
a. connect phone > disconnect phone > start recording > "continue without bridge connection" > recorder error
b. connect phone > phone connect failure > start recording > "continue without bridge connection" > recorder error

6. When a recording is in progress, and you manually disconnect the phone connection, you are not given a warning that the phone audio will not be included in the recording.

Apart from that it works really well though ;) You can expect a fully working version with extended feature set in a few more weeks. And there will be a few more surprises to boot. See you soon.

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New features
A seconds column has been added in phone usage cdrs. Improved the anti-caching logic to ensure users are viewing the latest changes. Recurring options have been added to API.
Fixed issue where disconnect time was missing from audio cdrs. Fixed issue where audio prompts are heard after a meeting is closed in Phone Only mode. Fixed issue where phone participants could not join an unlocked meeting.


New features
Increased the size of video thumbnails to improve visibility. Implemented enable/disable controls for private chat. Implemented "babyproofing" logic that protects the system under heavy load. Implemented the Closed Captioning feature. File icons have been improved in Media Library. High resolution emojis have been added to Chat. Tiles in the content area can now be repositioning using drag & drop. You can now interact with tiled content. The single-click maximize action has been replaced with a maximize button. In password protected meetings, the password has been added to invitation popups. A complete redesign of the Media Library including "folder unfolding". Implemented a first iteration of the phone integration (SIP) feature. "Add YouTube video" icon color has been changed. Improvement made to input cursor in Media Library. Added ability to remove folders with files in them in Media Library. Added a pop up feature to move files to folders in Media Library. Ability to rename folders in Media Library. Improved preview image button in Media Library. Added a "Create new" button to Media Library. Double-click is now used to open files and folders on Media Library rather than single-click. Added ability to un-queue live answers in Q&A. Empty upvote counter is not shown unless voting is enabled in Q&A. Improvements made to megaphone icon in Q&A. Improvements made to colors on Q&A text buttons. Improvements made to "Ask question" icon in Q&A. Upgrades made to the tool panel animation. "End Session" button on meetings has been improved. Implemented new pop up designs for Polls and Media Library. The Polling feature was redesigned. Improvements were made to filter menu in Polls. A new design has been applied to the application popup messages.
Fixed issue where speakers had access to files uploaded by other speakers. Fixed issue where screenshare did not not stop when other content is opened in a meeting. Fixed issue where Speaker and Audience were not redirected to the right URL when leaving a meeting. Fixed issue where video did not appear until you interacted with the UI when joining a meeting. Fixed issue in Q&A where "Order by" dropdown menu did not work properly. Fixed issue in Q&A where a question could not be answered privately. Fixed issue in Q&A where Question menu was missing for Audience users. Fixed issue where single-page text files did not open after converting them. Fixed multiple issues with the recording architecture. Fixed issue where the upload dialog did not disappear after upload was complete. Fixed issue with adding YouTube videos to a Media Library folder. Fixed issue where a deleted document was not removed from the content area if it was open. Fixed issue where YouTube videos could not be deleted in Media Library. Fixed issue where users were able to upload any file format to Media Library. Fixed issue where a user was not able to turn off public voting on Q&A. Fixed issue where the counter in the Q&A side panel did not update correctly. Fixed issue where a multiple page document opened on the wrong page. Fixed issue where video opened full screen after being turned off and on again. Fixed issue where REC button state was not always displayed correctly. Fixed issue where audio & video hit areas where in the wrong position. Fixed issue where poll content was not updated when the poll was minimized to a thumbnail. Fixed issue where quotes in a poll title caused erratic rendering behavior.


HF715 - Fixed issue where branding colors were not applied correctly in meetings. HF712 - Fixed issue where the SIP feature would get stuck on "connecting..."
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