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OnSync 4.1.8 r5864
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Released on 01 December 2011

Version OnSync 4.1.8 r5864

We've greatly improved the video experience by tiling videos, we've localized to Czech and generally improved our language support and we've added some really cool new features to whiteboard such as drag & dropping images from the Media Library and Zoom. See the full list of features and fixes below.

Account center

New features
Registered users receive invitation start times in their timezone. Improved signup, upgrade, payment and invoice processes. Removed timezone drop down from "New Meeting" and "Edit Meeting", you now set it from profile. Emails are now localized. Improve date display in email invitations. Made email invitations more spam filter friendly by changing FROM and REPLY-TO for email invitations. Maintenance notifications in dashboard and session login page. Usage statistics in admin. Edit recordings using trim points. Allow users with branding permissions to define post-session redirect urls. Add help URL to room settings. Session/Rec owner should not be asked for session password. Add "deleted" filter in user admin list. Improved affiliate link in logic. Send email notification to admin and affiliates for signup. .ics attachments with email invites.
API, session created with "PUT session" does not display timezone. API, PUT and POST user ignores timezone. API, session modified with "POST session" does not update timezone. API, POST user always throws service plan error. API error for GET session with return limit on session_link Invited moderator shows up incorrectly as participant. Sessions between admins and normal account could get mixed up. Adding contacts to address book shows javascript. Fixed an issue where some invitation links would appear as deleted. Improved localization with special characters. Apply DST time manipulation also to recordings. Duplicate email addresses cause log in issues. Invitation links don't work/expire. LDAP users show blank fname/lname. LDAP users which are outside a defined group should not be able to login. Remove links from dashboard address book widget. Cannot view message that does not have a subject. ldap users have full name instead of first name in first name field. Deactivating accounts will delete them in next clean-up routine. It's not possible to send messages to multiple recipients even though UI suggests it is. Customers are entering sessions with "Please enter your name". Validation in user admin throws error with cyrillic chars. Can't upload new profile photo.


New features
OnSync is now available in Czech. Use all available space in video conference by tiling windows. Drag & drop image from the Media Library directly into whiteboard. New system check application. Added ability to auto-start playback. New Zoom tool in Whiteboard. New Hand tool in Whiteboard. Auto reconnect on failed connections. Improved debugging info. Top menu Screen share automatically opens content share synclet. Improved Preferences panel, added a camera preview. Email polling results. Remember mic level. Provide embed/pop-up code inside sessions. Help menu can now be configured by our ESL customers. Separate limits msg for Account Holders and non Account Holders. Auto-stop recording when users with permissions leave. Horizontal audio-only element background, improves usability. Add ability to auto-start playback. Full white label possible, including technical system messages.
Removed "Register free account" for ESL customers. Wrong value in medium widescreen. UI does not always update with correct conversion status. Stability and efficiency improvements. Incorrect tab selected during playback. Mic levels UI not accurate. Embedded YouTube link didn't work. Menu items in content share synclet are now context sensitive and work correctly. Follow cursor/show cursor doesn't work. Pointer Position issues with PDF. Change the Mac OS Lion warning. Connection light not displaying info for recordings. French accents don't work in whiteboard. Changed double login logic. File share files appear correctly. Rendering issue with bubble notifications. Whiteboard crashes. Logo does not display correctly in recordings. Text field in preferences for communication server is to small. Cyrillic not displaying in chat and q&a. Extremely unresponsive playback. Strange playback behavior where user list would fill with users endlessly. Broadcasters that disconnect stay in conference. Translations Collapse/ Minimize/ Close Window tool tips.


New features
We released a hotfix on 16th of December, addressing the following issues. Previous release number was r5650. Emails when creating users via API are now hooked up to language logic. Upgrade link can now be shown or hidden via config by our ESL customers.
Polling module is now hidden as expected in recordings. Height of custom logos in recordings for customers with branding options are now displayed correctly. It's no longer possible to enter a session as "Please enter your name". Clicking on calendar icon opened calendar in a strange position in admin. API, creating a user now works even if email was in use by a guest. API, PUT user email: "email already exists" despite user being deleted. API, POST user returns invalid data. Login is permitted even if another account with same email adress is marked as deleted. Sorting order is lost after paging. When active tab is selected, paging in affiliate admin shows all pages. LDAP, make default search attribute a config variable.
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