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OnSync OnSync 5.1.5 r22373
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Released on 23 November 2017

With OnSync 5.1.5 we are now fully shifting our focus to HTML5/WebRTC In Room features. All In Room features listed refer to the upcoming HTML5/WebRTC webinar product unless otherwise specified. Get in touch with sales if you want to know more. Account Center and API features will be carried from the flash to HTML5 product to make transitions for integrated customers as easy as possible and continue to build on our award-winning RestFul Webinar API. Feature highlights of the 5.1.5 release include improvements and fixes on In Room features for HTML5 such as the implementation of a "clear chat" feature on all chat channels, the ability to share YouTube videos in Media Library and a better visibility of the whiteboard content when in thumb view. It's a long list. Make sure to sign up for the beta if you have not yet already.

Account center

New features
Added "html5/flash" parameter to reports and statistics to help identify the session type. Added a new column called "Reg. users" on the registration page to show how many users have already registered for this session before the limit applies. Added an option to disable password protection for "MeetNow" meetings on service plans. Implemented new option where account holder can access a list of all invitees' join links. Added server config option to attach ICS files to basic sessions by default. Added a first version of Systemcheck for HTML5. Added the organizer's email address in the reply-to field when sending reminder emails.
Fixed issue where email reminders were being sent at the incorrect time. Resolved issue where non-Latin characters were broken after clicking the 'Go back' browser button in MS Edge. Resolved line break issue on "CDR data" and "Users on Service Plan" admin screens. Query optimisations to resolve problems with editing past sessions that have had a lot of connections. Resolved issue where retina in-room logo option was available on the branding page even though it is no longer used. Resolved Address Book issue where additional capital letters in surnames (eg MacGyver) where changed to lowercase. HTML5 Resolved issue where MP4 recordings that lasted more than one hour froze. HTML5 Fixed issue where long MP4 recordings were not being transferred to the Account Center. Removed session setup fields that are not relevant to HTML5 sessions. Resolved issue where the user count of unread messages included messages from deleted users. Optimised Address Book code where very large ABs (8000+ contacts) where causing memory issues.


New features
Allow sharing of YouTube in Media Library. Implemented a "clear chat" feature on all chat channels. Added roll-over effects when moving over the chat channels. The participant user counter has been redesigned on the chat channel. A counter has been added to the chat channel to display the number of users. Improvement made where the badges on the chat channels show the number of users in the channel. Improvement made on the chat channel where the user name or channel name will be bold when there are unread messages. Terminologies on chat channel have been changed to "channels" and "private chat". Improvement on the chat channel where the number of unread messages appears by the chat icon. The size of the font on the blue bubbles on the left bar of the chat channel has been increased. Easier access for audience members: Removed camera and mic configuration options from the enter screen for audience members. Blur edges effect implemented on video home screen. End call message has been improved and allows leaving and ending the call by speakers. Improved the layout of the video channel in chrome. Implemented a non-cropped version of the local video feed on the enter screen to give speakers a full preview of their viewable video area. Improved the visibility of the whiteboard content when in thumb view. Improved the video and audio file controls position so they were not covered by other elements. Implemented an audio level indicator in thumb view when the video is off. Graphics were improved when video is turned off but audio is on. Implementation of new feature where a notification appears when audio is unmuted. Added a notification message when you turn on your own video. Improved the notifications alignment in the recording viewer. Improved recording viewer where all interactive elements have been removed. Black tool tips have been implemented in all buttons. Improved the notifications position on a session so they appear to the right of the panel.
Fixed issue where the muting audio button was not working properly when entering a session as speaker. Resolved issue where YouTube content could not be maximized when it was on thumb view. Fixed issue where webcam was turned on when changing the resolution Removed chat message selection until the spec has been more clearly defined. Resolved issue where the sender's name did not appear in private chats. Fixed issue where a user that has joined a session as "guest" and given permission as speaker could not start a recording. Fixed issue where video and audio players did not load correctly in a session. Fixed issue where the video freezes on recording sessions. Resolved issue where audience users were able to see the "share this now" button when previewing a file. Resolved issue where items on the whiteboard were repositioned when minimized to thumbnail. Fixed issue where a red activity button appeared showing the activity that happened before joining the room. Resolved issue where on a group chat the sender's name was not shown when he started chatting. Fixed issue where screen will not clear after stopping screenshare on chrome. Resolved issue where folders disappeared in the media library when navigating in and out of any folder. Fixed issue where the play button appeared in video and audio files when in tile view. Fixed issue where the layout of a speaker's session is affected when an audience member leaves the room. Fixed issue where users with recording permissions were not able to stop recordings. Resolved issue where users were not able to see the recording flag when joining a meeting that already started. Resolved issue where whiteboard is not positioned correctly when is in thumb view. Fixed issue where there was a typo in the "You are now sharing your screen" notification. Fixed issue where a muted icon did not appear over the mic when in thumb view. Fixed issue where video cam button did not work after turning the video off during a session. Resolved issue where speakers were unable to start and stop playing audio and video files for all users. Resolved issue where an audience user changed to speaker cannot see the video play button. Fixed issue where speaker did not see new users join the chat panel when session was already open. Fixed issue where the "Not enough bandwidth for video" message did not appear. Resolved issue where the file preview menu item was missing from the media library menu.
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