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OnSync 4 delivers over 100 dramatic new features, including better video conferencing, a streamlined interface, faster performance and real-time search. View all 100+ new features

Access features with a single click.

Once in a meeting, OnSync's interface has been designed to make the most common features such as Video conference, file sharing and remote control available at a single click.

Tabs make the organization of your shared files and private chats more intuitive and easy to use.
The improved video conferencing engine will have you marvel at the quality of both voice and video, all directly from your browser and without the need to download any software.

Cross-platform screen control and more file types.

It doesn't matter what computer you or your audience might be on, you can always work together as if you were in the same room. OnSync 4 adds cross-platform screen sharing and remote control using even more efficient codecs to have you collaborating at lightning speed in no time at all. Choose to share your entire desktop or specific applications or windows and selectively give and revoke control.
Office 2007®, PDF, TXT, RTF
Video, Audio, Youtube®
If you prefer you can also upload the new or old Office® formats and text files, PDF, image files and even video or audio files. OnSync will automatically convert your files to flash - your counterpart does not require any software for you to be able give them a live walkthrough in your meeting room or virtual classroom.
No other web conferencing platform features such wide range support of multimedia file types. You can even present external sources such as YouTube®, Flickr® or Scribd®.

Enhanced mark-up.

The multi-use whiteboard has been completely reinvented allowing you to mark up anything in your sessions and adding multi-layer support, and workflow enhancing features such as undo/redo, copy/paste or move to front/back.

The brand new toolset is much more intuitive to use allowing you to add, scale and rotate shapes, change their line and fill colors or set transparency. The drawing board keeps track of who has drawn what while the magic pen smoothes both your shapes and hand-writing making the experience infinitely more natural for everyone.

User control: Simplified yet more advanced.

Keeping your audience at bay can get tricky in large user rooms. OnSync 4 makes this easy yet powerful.

OnSync allows you to group your audience into 4 types of roles, Account holders, Moderators, Participants and Observers. Each of these has lower levels of rights yet at any time you can switch a single or multiple users between roles or even set specific permissions for entire roles or single users. Its all done via a couple of clicks.
You can invite users into your video conference, using menus or drag & drop. Similarly you have full control over the floor, allowing when users enter or forcing them to leave.
Any room member can express their mood through emoticons and user state or raise their hand if they wish to add something to the discussion.

Super fast, real-time search.

Quickly locate any meeting, file or contact through search integrated into every aspect of the application. Setting up a session and managing your assets has never been this convenient and powerful.
Account Center
Address Book
Add, remove and edit contacts easily with our intuitive interface.
Filter bars
Don’t waste your time, see the info you really want with our smart filters.
Space efficient
The entire Account center is space efficient and cross-
browser functional.

Streamlined interface giving you more features, faster.

OnSync includes a brand new account center sporting work-flow enhancing features such as real-time search, auto-complete and bulk actions. Creating meetings and scheduling events has become even more intuitive and many times more powerful through advanced scheduling and tracking.

Share, share, share.

OnSync is more than just web conferencing. The power of an online environment is that everything can be shared. Invite attendees to your meeting or classroom via the inbuilt scheduling system or embed your meeting on your website. It's all as easy as using YouTube®. You can even create custom URLs which will be easier to remember.
Any file you upload to the system can be shared with your peers or invitees to allow them to use it in their own sessions. Any user you have ever had contact with can easily be aggregated to your address book.
The integrated messaging system allows you to notify anyone of upcoming sessions and create custom emails, automated meeting reminders for scheduled events.


Meeting, training, virtual classrooms and online events all have their own requirements. While you might want to set up a meeting with your peers in as few clicks as possible, you'll want to take your time when setting up a presentation to 100s or even thousands of people.
The new scheduler offers you both the complexity - or simplicity - you might require.
The basic set-up mode will offer only the most important options and pre-fill them for you, so that setting up a meeting can be done in no more than a few clicks. Auto-complete and live search of your user list or company database make inviting colleagues a natural and fast process.
Switching to advanced mode reveals tons of options allowing sophisticated event scheduling, creation of registration forms and sending and tracking of email invitations directly from the set up screens.
If you are maintaining your own server or using a share account with your colleagues, the system will keep you informed about the available seats in your meeting rooms at any one time.
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