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OnSync in Action

We have roots in education, and believe that the most powerful technologies belong in the hands of teachers & students.  In the classroom, or over the web, educational quality and effectiveness should be the same.  With OnSync, they are.  Rich-media, interactive, face-to-face communications are central to the student experience and sense of engagement.  OnSync is designed to work with popular Course Management Systems.

Concerns about travel, expenses, & security aren't limited to the private sector.  OnSync helps government leaders to address complex communications problems with real-time solutions that respond to the specific needs of the public-sector and military.  For meetings, training, & events, we enable real-time web collaboration that's as effective as in-person interaction.

Serving the healthcare profession with OnSync is about improving quality and availability of care while reducing costs.  By taking collaboration to the desktop or mobile device, we meet the fast-paced demands of today's healthcare professionals - including the ability to communicate whenever and wherever they happen to be - in hospital systems, remote clinics, mobile health environments, and more.

Security of data and communications is critical in all industries, but none more so than finance and banking.  OnSync features multiple layers of security and encryption to ensure complete privacy of information at all times.  For client consultations, internal collaboration & conferencing, and webcasts, OnSync is ideally suited for finance, trust, fund, & banking organizations.

We've learned that the unique needs of the Media & Publishing industry include the ability to scale communications and participation into the hundreds - even thousands or tens of thousands - of simultaneous users reliably and with consistent quality.  OnSync delivers on the promise of large-scale and high-quality broadcast events in several ways, earning it's position as the right choice when success is the only option.

With OnSync, sales & marketing teams travel less, connect with more prospects, and build stronger relationships with distant clients.  Face-to-face effectiveness without the jetlag.  Capture the attention of customers with online presentations that are as interactive as being in the same room.  Put the power of productivity back into your sales equation with OnSync.

OnSync is more than a product for live web communications.  It's a versatile platform, complete with well-documented APIs, designed to facilitate licensing & partnership with OEM developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).  OnSync integrates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Video on Demand solutions, custom applications, and more.

In today's global economy, manufacturers' best opportunities also represent the source of some of their greatest challenges: distributed production facilities, international supply chains, & the ever-changing demand for labor.  With OnSync, manufacturers stay nimble with communications capabilities when and where they're needed for design reviews, product planning, HR & training, & more.

Not all applications are designed for enterprise deployment.  Consumer programs, & even certain business-oriented collaboration services, lack the back-end sophistication and management capabilities of OnSync, which IT professionals need in order to ensure security, provide support, & deliver reliable and appropriate solutions to end-users in every department.  OnSync Enterprise Server is meant for enterprise deployment.