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Using our API, OnSync meets business applications in every department, including CRM, LMS, & more.

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Easy Collaboration for the Entire Organization

OnSync for Enterprise-Wide Deployment

Not all applications and platforms are designed for enterprise deployment.  Consumer applications, and even certain business-oriented collaboration products & services, lack the back-end sophistication and management capabilities that IT professionals need in order to ensure security, provide support, and deliver reliable and appropriate solutions to end-users in every department.  OnSync Enterprise Server is meant for enterprise deployment and support.

On-Premise Security, Customization

Despite the growing popularity of software-as-a-service and cloud computing, on-premise deployment of collaboration technology offers meaningful benefits that IT professionals continue to demand.  In fact, by 2009, "40 percent of all web conferences will be operated using on-premise deployments." * An in-house, on-network, implementation of OnSync Enterprise Server allows IT administrators to control policy and ensure security at multiple levels.  Compared with OnSync subscription services, the Enterprise Server also offers additional customization and integration, both via the API and standard Admin functionality.

Division & Affiliate Management, Branding

Enterprise deployments are meant to serve end-users across an entire organization.  However, departments and divisions, and even individual end-users, have unique needs.  Therefore, OnSync Enterprise Server facilitates the setup of an unlimited number of "configurations" on a single server, each with easy-to-enable custom settings for screen layout, video quality settings, branding, & access according to user account or job function.  This way, every end-user has exactly the tools and access they require, all under the umbrella of an easy-to-administer Enterprise-level solution.

Uniquely OnSync: One Way We’re Different

The front-end simplicity and elegance enjoyed by OnSync end-users masks a powerful and sophisticated back-end platform designed for the IT administrators & product managers who support them.  Beyond standard user access and administration capabilities, product managers benefit from a full set of resource monitors, an integrated Server Healthcheck application, usage statistics, reporting capabilities, and system settings controls for localization, branding, and configuration.

 * Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Conferencing, 2007