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See how OnSync can provide a truly all-in-one web conferencing solution for all your organisation-wide online communication needs.

Professional web conferencing with a difference.

OnSync delivers a truly all-in-one web conferencing solution for all your organisation-wide online communication needs.

Web conferencing usage can vary widely, depending on business necessities, daily fluctuations in application requirements, and even personal preferences. Using OnSync as your communication medium offers you easily accessible solutions to any communication challenge – whenever or wherever they arise.

Using OnSync is easy, fast, and fun.  Based on Flash® plugin and with no installation or download, you can be up-and-running in minutes; giving you and your team immediate access to your own online meeting room 24/7 That means you’ll have access to OnSync features such as full-duplex video conferencing, screen and file sharing, chat, session recording and much more.


OnSync is out-of-the-box, multi-point, high-resolution video communication – all at the click of a button. Sync-up using any standard webcam and headset, or you can use high-end video cameras if you need advanced features such as zoom, pan and tilt. Regardless of your location or bandwidth, you are always in full control over your video experience and can resize video window shapes and dimensions to fulfill your needs.

Unrivalled Video and Audio Communications.

Experience the best video and audio communication experience in the industry.

OnSync offers the first web conferencing solution with real-time and recorded multi-point video conferencing – wrapped into an easy-to-use Flash® interface.

With our competitors still stuck in archaic systems and offering products tied up in bandwidth constraints and inefficient codecs, OnSync has focused on creating low latency, crystal clear video and voice experiences for our clients.

Share & Present all your files as if you were in the same room.

Communication in today’s organisations is not confined to just voice and video conferencing, you may also need to share emails, files and documents – either in a structured environment or spontaneously.

Whatever you need, OnSync makes it easy.

Simply upload your files to the online meeting room to ensure everyone is on the same page at the same time – literally. OnSync supports Microsoft Office® documents, video files and even multimedia files such as Adobe Flash®.

With OnSync’s screen sharing feature, you can show your computer screen at the click of a button and be sure that everyone is looking at the same thing. Intuitively and securely collaborate on live documents via remote control.



Account center
Manage all inroom and user related info.
User list
Monitor your connected users' status at a glance.
Invitation system
You can easily invite new users to your current inroom session.
Meet the brand new chat with new features like tabs and private chats.

The Industry’s most Human Interface.

OnSync is dynamic and easy-to-learn – with no training costs and technology barriers.

New systems are great – in theory.  But the journey to get staff to learn and embrace them can be an uphill struggle.  Add fundamental installation and training costs, and the journey can quickly turn into a nightmare, with expenses often outweighing the benefits.  The result?  An all-singing, all-dancing but under-used resource sitting idle.

OnSync was designed with the user in mind. A typical conference organiser can learn the most important features within a few minutes, and 80% of the system within an hour.  The key features are prominently displayed, making your first web conference an enjoyable and intuitive experience.

For a conference participant/invitee, it is even easier.  Joining a meeting or webinar is as easy as watching YouTube®.  You simply click the link, wait for the conference to load, sit back and enjoy the show.  You don’t need to download or install anything, since OnSync is entirely Flash® based.

Flash®, which is best known for its use in websites and animations, allows the creation of a dynamic and fluid user experience.  OnSync has harnessed this feature to make our user interface one of our most important competitive advantages.

No Downloads or Installations

We believe easy access is crucial. That is why OnSync has removed technical barriers. Ensuring you get your message across – every time.

If you are part of the 99.9% of Internet users who can watch YouTube®, you can use OnSync.

OnSync is built on Flash® Player technology that powers millions of websites and all major online video portals.  Connecting to an OnSync web conference is as easy as clicking on a link in an email, an instant message or a website – you don’t have to worry about accepting any security messages, downloads, or installing any software.

The OnSync client software is designed to work on any computer system that can run Adobe Flash Player®, meaning it will run on Microsoft® Windows®, Apple OS X®, various distributions of Linux® and Sun Solaris™.  OnSync will even run on Windows® PocketPCs for true on the road access.

Flexible deployment models

Run OnSync via our ASP service or deploy in your own network – the choice is yours.

Your web conferencing deployment strategy will depend on your particular organisation’s policies.  Regardless of whether your main concerns come from IT, finance, budgeting cycles or elsewhere, OnSync will have a deployment model that will suit your needs.


ASP Models / Software as a Service

OnSync-hosted services allow rapid and secure deployment across your organisation with little to no upfront cost.  We can run your service on a shared hosting account, or set you up with a dedicated conferencing server, just as with other Internet services such as web hosting or online CRM tools.

Server Licenses

Behind-the-firewall deployments are no issue with our server licenses. OnSync offers a variety of packages, which can be adapted to your individual needs and deployment scenarios. Our experienced support team will assist you during the installation process, typically administering the entire operation for you on your nominated server.

Large scale cluster deployments

Complex scenarios require custom solutions.  Talk to our solutions experts about cluster deployments.  Have thousands of users?  We can help you overcome even the most challenging bandwidth bottlenecks by placing OnSync edge servers at strategic locations within your network.
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