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OnSync 5.0.8 r19880
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Released on 10 February 2017

Feature highlights of the 5.0.8 release include the improvement of Account Center by adding a bar chart to show used and available telephony minutes. In Admin we added the possibility to enable/disable lobby and break out session's options on the service plan level. These features, and many more, have been requested by you, our partners and customers. Thanks for helping us serve you better.

Account center

New features
Added bar chart to the Account Center to show used and available telephony minutes. Added possibility to enable/disable lobby and break out session's options via service plan level in admin. Added sorting by date, topic, duration, author, registration link functionality for public pages as it exists in the Account Center. Added a new user list feature to allow/disallow participants and observers to change their name after entering a session.
Resolved issue in Account Center where reminder emails were sent to users after converting a session from advanced to regular. Resolved issue on Account Center dashboard page where UI was broken after sorting sessions/messages/AB contacts. Resolved issue on Service Plan admin screen where incorrect validation messages were displayed. Resolved issue on the recording's login page where incorrect placeholder was displayed in the Name field. Resolved issue in the Account Center where the text editor was working incorrectly in MS Edge browser. Fixed issue where PhoneSync was disabled on a server but related controls were still visible in the Account Center. Fixed issue where exporting non-western characters caused invalid CSV entries.


New features
Improved the design of the chat element 'typing a message' in chat synclet. Added Flash Player version check to the MP4 recorder. Added extended logging to MP4 recorder.
Resolved issue where the ‘delete message’ icon was not aligned to the selected message in the chat synclet. Removed all user notifications from MP4 recordings. Resolved issue where the polling synclet UI was broken after re-joining the session. Resolved issue where screensharing content was cut off when ratio scale was set to 0.5. Resolved issue in Edge browser where screen sharing and MP4 recorder could not be launched from Flex.


HF4780 - Resolved the issue where 'Show saved polls' screen couldn`t be opened when poll is opened/finished. HF4777 - Fixed issue where 'Question' status icon was missing in participants synclet.
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