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24 April 2015
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Digital Samba Extends OnSync With a Proprietary Universal Communications Solution called PhoneSync and over 130 new features and improvements
OnSync now enables partners to integrate with any teleconferencing solution allowing customers to attend web conferences from PSTN and SIP telephones.
BARCELONA, SPAIN – April 23, 2015 – Digital Samba has released version 4.3.5 of their OnSync web conferencing system. OnSync enables users to schedule webinars, virtual classrooms or meetings. OnSync can be used in the cloud or locally hosted, with options of complete white-labeling .

“The release of PhoneSync allows for a tighter integration of OnSync with any third-party telephony system” explains Robert Strobl, CMO of Digital Samba. “Our telco partners can extend their telephony services with web conferences and provide seamless experiences to their customer base and under their own brand. All of our customers enjoy the benefits of higher scalability and stability of the new PhoneSync service.”

The new version of OnSync delivers more than 130 new features, improvements and fixes. The most important are:
  • PhoneSync: OnSync integration with any external telephony system
  • Invitation EMail layouts are improved along with new configuration options
  • Performance enhancements for large sessions
  • Change branding via the OnSync API
  • The stability of recordings is further improved
  • Increased AppShare performance
A full list of changes can be seen on Digital Samba’s website at the 4.3.2 , 4.3.3 , 4.3.4 and 4.3.5 release notes.

Telephony Integration
OnSync easily integrates with an external telephony system to allow someone to join a meeting using their mobile or any other telephony device. OnSync can be integrated with existing telephone bridges for whitelabel customers .

“We see a clear trend towards VoIP in online interactive conferences. Still, many business customers prefer to use the telephone to dial in” adds Robert Strobl. “We designed the architecture of PhoneSync to allow integration with any teleconferencing bridge for full-duplex audio and command and control.”

Technical Documentation of Digital Samba OnSync’s new Universal Communication feature “PhoneSync”.
Stronger and more robust OnSync
The performance of large sessions has been significantly improved. Key areas with improvement are large document sharing, chat messages, Q&A posts and polls. Digital Samba continues it’s push to support very large webinars, moving into the webcasting space with the high level of interactivity expected from traditional webinars.

Friendlier look and feel
OnSync is adding friendly graphics to the software to make it more accessible to novice users. All graphics can be fully customised by whitelabel customers .
An email invitation to an OnSync meeting.

About Digital Samba
Digital Samba is the leading developer of the awardwinning OnSync Enterprise Server web conferencing solution. OnSync is used by customers to run large webinars, virtual classrooms , meet, present, train and demonstrate to small or large groups with unrivaled voice-over-IP and live video quality. Share files, slide presentations, desktop, & more. OnSync is entirely browserbased, crossplatform and mobile. OnSync is available for resale as a fullfeature white-label web conferencing solution. For more information, or a live demonstration of OnSync online meetings, visit or connect with us on Twitter and Facebook .

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Media Contact:
Robert Strobl
Tel: +34 93 18 55 510
23 January 2015
BARCELONA, SPAIN – January 25, 2014 – Digital Samba has released version 4.3.1 of their OnSync web conferencing system. OnSync enables users to schedule webinars, virtual classrooms or meetings. OnSync can be used in the cloud or locally hosted, with options of complete white-labeling.
19 November 2014
BARCELONA, SPAIN - November 19, 2014 - Digital Samba today announced the release of OnSync 4.2.9, extending the feature set of it's web conferencing solution for webinars, virtual classrooms and white label partners.
25 May 2010

BARCELONA, Spain - 25. May 2010 - With the release of OnSync 4 beta, Digital Samba has raised the bar yet again. This new version of OnSync is released at a time where online meeting and presentation products are in higher demand than ever. The recent and ongoing disruptions to air travel have led many to seek alternatives to business journeys, accelerating what has already been rapid growth of this exciting market segment.

05 October 2009
October 5, 2009 (Barcelona, Spain & Mumbai, India) Universal Education Group, Western India's leading education enterprise, and Digital Samba, makers of the OnSync web conferencing solution, have announced a distribution partnership for India and certain other Asian markets.
01 August 2009

August 1, 2009 (Harrisburg, PA and Barcelona, Spain) Digital Samba today announced their intent to preview the forthcoming OnSync v.4 at CompTIA Breakaway in Las Vegas, NV next week. According to CompTIA, Breakaway is "North America's Premier Event for the IT Channel".

15 July 2009
July 15, 2009 (Harrisburg, PA) Digital Samba USA today announced the availability of 24/7 telephone tech support for OnSync products and services. Round-the-clock support is now available to all end-users, Partners, and customers via the numbers listed at
06 May 2009

May 6, 2009 (Harrisburg, PA) Digital Samba USA today announced that it will provide Platinum Sponsorship at the 2009 Intergovernmental Technology Conference (ITC), scheduled for May 20-21 in the capital city.

29 March 2009

March 25, 2009 (Barcelona, Spain & Harrisburg, PA) Digital Samba today extends its congratulations to PA Turnpike Commission on its nomination for “Best Application of Technology” Award, to be awarded at the 17th Annual Technology Awards Gala.

24 March 2008

March 24, 2008 (Harrisburg, PA) Digital Samba USA, of Harrisburg, PA (USA), has announced two new technology grants; the value of the grants is $11,000.