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Our company stands for high quality, value-added solutions that satisfy real needs and shortcomings.

Digital Samba specialises in the conceptualisation and realisation of Intranet, Extranet and Internet communication and collaboration solutions.

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Digital Samba believes that business processes can only be successful when communication channels remain open. Allow our vision and determination to improve yours.

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Digital Samba provides enterprise level web conferencing solutions to the Large Business & Enterprise and SMB market, government and education markets. Digital Samba is the creator of OnSync, all-in-one web conferencing solution. OnSync excels in ease-of-use, audio and video communications, multimedia file support and ease of access. OnSync is used for online meetings, web conferencing, small and large webinars, web meetings, intranets, eLearning, virtual classrooms, audio conferencing, desktop sharing, remote support, conference calling and video conferencing. Digital Samba OnSync is the world's only full-featured white label webinar software. OnSync, PhoneSync, Stay in Sync and Digital Samba are trademarks of Digital Samba, SL. © Digital Samba 2017.