4. April 2011

Version OnSync 4.1.5 r3112
You can now use OnSync without a headset. Echo cancellation is in BETA. Download flash player 10.3 BETA to try it out and let us know what you think. The browser based conferencing game is about to change.


FEATURE: Implemented new Acoustic Echo Cancellation features of flash player 10.3 BETA.
FEATURE: Hover over green connection light to display in-room connectivity info.
FEATURE: Save custom work spaces permanently.
FEATURE: Improved Media Library search.
FEATURE: Seek in recordings by clicking on the seek bar.
FEATURE: Open files even when content share synclet is not on stage.
FEATURE: Added a visual indication that recording is in progress for participants and observers.
FEATURE: Transitions and links work correctly in PowerPoint files.
FEATURE: Allow limiting of upload and open file sizes.
FEATURE: Added an in-room signup form for guests.
FEATURE: Allow limiting of amounts of allowed recordings.
FEATURE: Recording playback UI has a big play button in the center making it more intuitive to start a recording.
FEATURE: Added communication server info to debugger window.
FEATURE: Better UI for playback of recordings.
FEATURE: Added a "leave meeting" menu item.
FEATURE: Users get redirected to a feedback form at the end of a meeting.
FIX: Standardized fonts for better compatibility with languages.
FIX: Loaded video content pauses/resume when playback pauses/resumes.
FIX: Adding a 2nd custom now doesn't overwrite previous.
FIX: Drag and drop into folders was broken.
FIX: YouTube videos played for a second when entering a new room.
FIX: ":" no longer break links in chat.
FIX: Better feedback for audio levels when broadcasting/receiving.
FIX: Improved validation for adding from URL.
FIX: Mic activity error for late joinees
FIX: Volume slider did not raise volume when muted.
FIX: Orange bubbles were not correcly aligned when timer is shown.
FIX: Entering full screen mode created an unwanted stage resize.



FEATURE: Account Center is now ready for translation.
FEATURE: Control convert guest to user functionality from admin.
FEATURE: Major performance upgrades through optimisation.
FEATURE: Define your own favicon for server installs.
FEATURE: Add "recording limit" to product screen for admins.
FEATURE: Blue groups bars now have a checkbox to allow fast selecting of an entire group.
FIX: Fixed affiliate admin.
FIX: Address book order is now correct.
FIX: Friendly URLs can now be reused if a session has been deleted.
FIX: Recording list is now in reverse chronological order.
FIX: Friendly URL has validation for special characters.