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Blog Post: Overcoming Common Pitfalls of Enterprise 2.0 Adoption

We recently read “14 Reasons Why Enterprise 2.0 Projects Fail”, by ZDNet’s Dion Hinchcliffe. Excellent reminder of common pitfalls associated with technology projects in modern organizations.

As the makers of OnSync, clearly an Enterprise 2.0 platform for web conferencing & communications, it seems counterintuitive that we’d discuss the prospect of failure related to a technology deployment. Right?

Fact is, we’ve been around the software & technology markets long enough to have witnessed almost all of the “14 Reasons”. But, the way we see it, being cognizant of common pitfalls is step one in managing them.

Dion basically steals our line, saying “In this way, we can identify the most common sources of potential challenges in Enterprise 2.0 projects and proactively address them”. To that, we say “What he said”.

Enterprise 2.0 Success Pattern: When Bottom-Up Meets Top-Down

The chart illustrates what can happen in the abscense of failure; start small, show success, and expand. There are several potentially valuable takeaways here. From our perspective as a provider, one of the most fundamental is probably to ensure that our offerings are a reflection of the “bottom-up” nature of Enterprise 2.0 technology adoption, which is smartly depicted above. Are they? We think they are, for the most part.

Early adopters typically demand OnSync hosted services, which are easy, affordable, & require no IT involvement (or legal, compliance, etc). There’s plenty of support, training, & resources to help get new customers off the ground, and, ultimately, far enough up the graph that OnSync Enterprise solutions start to make sense for successful deployments.  We accomodate customers at each stage of the adoption curve.

From the customer’s standpoint, we think the takeaway here is simple acknowledgement of common reasons for Enterprise 2.0 failure, and tackling them with thoughtful planning, good people, and by picking technology offerings that are sized appropriately for where the organization is on the adoption curve. There, they’ll find a tremendous upside, but with very limited downside technology risk if things don’t catch on.

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