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OnSync 5.1.6 r22605
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Released on 15 December 2017

Feature highlights of the 5.1.6 release include the ability to store YouTube videos in media library and share them in live html5 sessions, the dynamic loading of language elements to provide multi-language capabilities and the first iteration of the Q&A with text and live answers, upvoting, live queuing and lots more. All new in-room features are part of our upcoming html5 / webrtc webinar platform.

Account center

New features
Implemented the dynamic loading of language elements to provide multi-language capabilities. Added configuration options to disable flash meetings on server level. Initiated API work for integrating load balancing functionality.
Converter URLs are now stored in the new config files. Resolved issue in Account Center where recurring meetings were scheduled 2 hours earlier than original meeting. Resolved issue where the default Room Type in the service plan was not propagated correctly to the account level.


New features
Implemented the first iteration of the Q&A with text and live answers, upvoting, live queuing and lots more. Implemented a YouTube feature in media library. Implemented an upvoting feature in Q&A. Implemented a "Clear questions" feature in Q&A. Implemented question sorting feature in Q&A. Implemented question filtering feature in Q&A. Implemented editing/deleting of questions and answers in Q&A. Improved "Queued for Live" icon in Q&A. Implemented an export feature in Q&A. Implemented “Queued for Live” feature in Q&A. Implemented the various question states in Q&A. Implemented permission scheme in Q&A. Users can select single files when uploading.
Fixed issue where text wrapping did not work properly in Q&A. Fixed issue where completed live answers were not being saved with the question in Q&A. Fixed issue in Q&A where "Ask anonymously" checkbox didn't revert to the default unchecked state. Fixed issue where the user name was not aligned with "Question by" field and time labels. Fixed issue in Q&A where the hit area was not aligned properly. Fixed issue in Q&A where the "show less" behavior was incorrect. Fixed issue in Q&A where there was a typo in "question by" field. Fixed issue in Q&A to reset input fields to default state after cancelling a question. Fixed issue in Q&A where the "Ask a question" input field did not revert to default after losing focus. Fixed issue in Q&A where the plus icon acted like a button rather than an icon. Fixed issue in Q&A where users could see unanswered questions from other users. Fixed issue where a recording could not be stopped under certain conditions. Fixed issue with YouTube synchronization between users.


HF499 - Resolved issue where the incorrect timezone was displayed in HTML5 recordings titles. HF481 - Fixed issue where popups and nag screens could trip up the file converter.
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