4. November 2010

Version OnSync 4.1.1 release 2392
As OnSync moves into production, we're getting more eyes onto our software. The product is stable and receiving great feedback and we're focusing on swatting any little pesky glitches we're receiving feedback about.


FIX: Fixed a problem in splash screen branding.
FIX: Prohibited converting of external URL's which caused a converter crash.
FIX: Internet explorer was losing connection when screen sharing. This is now fixed.
FIX: Resolved an issue where setting the border of whiteboard elements could cause a crash.
FIX: Improved whiteboard architecture to allow recording of multiple whiteboards.
FIX: Whiteboard annotations are now recordable.
FIX: Fixed a program error with certain content types when whiteboard is opened.



FIX: one-click join links point to wrong room if friendly-url already exists.
FIX: Admin improvements.
FIX: Links to deleted recordings no longer work.
FIX: Usernames no longer allow spaces or special characters.
FIX: Recording count is now correct.
FIX: Removed x button from blue date separator.
FIX: Admin search now does not "flash" and shows correct results.