2. September 2010

Version OnSync 4.0.7 release 2002*
This is one of the biggest releases to date with important new features such as the notes synclet, support for branding your account and the ability to create custom workspaces as well as many, many additions to whiteboard.


FEATURE: Brand your splash screen, inroom logo and bg image.
FEATURE: New notes synclet in discussion view.
FEATURE: We now allow selection of multiple users when applying/editing permissions.
FEATURE: Create and name your own custom panelsets.
FEATURE: You can now re-convert or force convert natively supported files. This can help play some videos that would othewise not play correctly.
FEATURE: Added more color options to chat and whiteboard.
FEATURE: Group chats.
FEATURE: You can now organise your files to folders in the ML by drag & drop.
FEATURE: Chat is now persistent and chat history is visible for late comers.
FEATURE: Full screen icon has been redesigned.
FEATURE: Improved mechanism for when a user logs in with his account twice.
FEATURE: Top menu appshare buttone now prompts to install driver if not installed.
FEATURE: Better feedback for non-convertable files.
FEATURE: Content and panels are now persistent. Come back to a room and it will be exactly as you left it.
FEATURE: Whiteboard, added a shared pointer.
FEATURE: Whiteboard, optimised the order and labelling of tools as well as their behaviour.
FEATURE: Whiteboard, optimised default states of each tool.
FEATURE: Whiteboard, added right angled triangle tool.
FEATURE: Whiteboard, added magic pen tool.
FEATURE: Whiteboard, added added diamond tools.
FEATURE: Whiteboard, added polygon tools.
FEATURE: Whiteboard, added star tools.
FEATURE: Whiteboard, better cursors.
FEATURE: Whiteboard, added shadow to shapes by default.
FEATURE: Whiteboard, select items with a single click.
FEATURE: Converter can now convert wmv files.
FEATURE: Convertet videos now have better seek accuracy and quality.
FIX: Fixed an issue where panels were blinking.
FIX: Fixed a bug that could cause the UI to get stuck when ML window is very large and browser is resized.
FIX: Latecomers now have correct permissions applied.
FIX: Fixed permissions for moderator chat.
FIX: Whiteboard is now vertically centered for participants/observers.
FIX: Fixed permissions for tab creation and selecting tabs.
FIX: Fixed a whiteboard error when being demoted.
FIX: Rearranging videos no longer freezes video.
FIX: Deactivated ripping out of videos and tabs, this feature will be added again in a future release.
FIX: Swfs now load correctly in content viewer.
FIX: Images from URL now load in correct size.
FIX: Splash screen no longer blinks after loading.
FIX: Maxmiised and Minimised windows now resize correctly with the browser and when ML is opened.
FIX: Improved download mechanism of appshare driver for linux users.
FIX: Start Conference from the Video conference synclet now works correctly.
FIX: More descritptive error messages when attempting to delete nested folders in ML.
FIX: Deleting folders now works more reliably in ML.
FIX: In some cases layouts were not synchronised across remote users, this works now.
FIX: Fixed an issue where video conference would not work reliably for late comers, caused by a user in the conference haven frozen his video.
FIX: Added a prompt to convert a file if trying to open a file that has not been converted yet.
FIX: Whiteboard, fixed an issue where deleting objects would happen only on your own screen, not others, and the selected objects were incorrect.
FIX: Whiteboard, cleaned up edges in the marker tool.



FEATURE: Better, more intuitive session login mechanism for sessions with password.
FEATURE: Friendly URLs are now indexed and found by search.
FEATURE: Large scale admin improvements.
FEATURE: Force a guest to enter a name, we no longer allow users to enter as "guest".
FEATURE: Linked up access to OnSync from www.digitalsamba.com (Host a meeting button).
FEATURE: Branding of rooms, account center and login screen.
FEATURE: Sort your scheduling address book by groups.
FIX:  Fixed a javascript error on session login pages "is_admin is undefined".
FIX: Upload images to profile.
FIX: Removed the min width 1000px attribute for session login screens.
FIX: Display/CSS bug in edit menus in Internet Explorer.
FIX: Draft messages now don't have unread as default status.
FIX: Message count is now correct.
FIX: Message read / unread menu items now have an inactive state.
FIX: Sometimes when saving a session, it appeared inside dashboard, not on schedule.
FIX: Search on dashboard now works correctly.

*HOTFIX (r1981-> r2002): Accounts were not activated correctly, this works now.

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