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OnSync 5.1.4 r22165
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Veröffentlicht am 10. November 2017

Feature highlights of the 5.1.4 release include a full redesign on the mobile application, the ability to enable auto-record sessions option to Service Plans and the implementation of an active speakers feature for phone users during a session.

Mobile devices

Neue Features
A full redesign has been implemented on the mobile application.
Resolved issue in mobile apps where application became unresponsive after auto closing popups timed out. Resolved issue in mobile apps where audio broadcast controls were displayed for video only broadcast. Fixed issue where the session URL field was empty on various Android devices after closing the notification popup. Resolved issue in mobile apps where play button did not work correctly in content sharing synclet.

Account center

Neue Features
Added option in admin interface to apply company account's expiry date to all sub-accounts. Simplified meeting setup for HTML5 meetings. Added enable auto-record sessions option to Service Plans. Implemented branded colours for the join session button and the maintenance message text box.
Removed out-of-use 'Manage Roles' permission from service plan settings. Resolved issue in the Account Center where duration dropdown menu was displayed incorrectly on the add meeting form in Firefox. Resolved issue in ICS files of session owner invitations where incorrect start time was displayed in ICS file for session owner. Resolved issue in the Account Center where 'At the end of registration process' placeholders worked incorrectly on the registration tab in add meeting form. Resolved issue in the Account Center where group name was not updated after changing it on address book page. Resolved issue where in address book page the 'See more' link was displayed after add contact form was opened fully. Resolved issue in the Account Center where 404 page opened during reset password process. Resolved issue in invitation emails where branded footer image was cropped in Outlook 2016. Fixed issue where timezone name is not displayed on session registration page for users that are not logged in. Resolved issue in admin interface on Telephony CDR report page where total calls duration was displayed for users that had no CDR statistics. Resolved issue where 'Company' and 'Last login' column sorting arrows are not broken to the next line in IE browser. Resolved issue in the Account Center where recurring meetings were scheduled incorrectly for some timezones.


Neue Features
Implemented an active speakers feature for phone users during a session. Sessions and recordings are now opened in a new tab rather than a pop-up if opening it from the Account Center.
Fixed issue where MP4 recorder could not be connected to session. Resolved issue in appshare floating panel where deleted messages were displayed after reopening the chat tab.
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