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OnSync 5.0.6 r19005
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Veröffentlicht am 12. Januar 2017

Feature highlights of the 5.0.6 release include the improvement of the Admin dashboard and the MP4 recorder, added the ability to define panel sets and workspaces through API and reduced spacing in the new flat UI to create more space for content. These features, and many more, have been requested by you, our partners and customers. Thanks for helping us serve you better.

Account center

Neue Features
Added a server configuration property that determines whether a users role change persists between logins. Improved the Admin dashboard so that the percentage links to view the storage details are displayed now as clickable and descriptions for percentage of contracted file storage and for percentage of contracted recording storage was added. Added a visible notification that mail sending is in progress when scheduling an event. Added the ability to define panel sets and workspaces through API. Added a confirmation email before changing e-mail address in AC. The audit logs got extended to provide more information about users.
Resolved issue where deleting a contact from a search result was loading without CSS. Corrected issue where an existing username of another user could be saved when editing a user. Resolved issue where default session audio value was saved incorrectly when editing a service plan. Improved the visibility of the secondary table bar text in usage statistics. Resolved issue on the dashboard where an error popup appeared on attempt to drag&drop/minimize sessions, messages or address book sections. Resolved issue where 'By me' and 'By others' sorting filters in session scheduling did not work for current sessions. Resolved issue where no error message was shown when uploading too large a file in a follow-up email and the session was not saved. Updated the text next to the 'Enable Lobby' feature, as the lobby feature now works with all of the audio options. Resolved the issue regarding inconsistent session start time that was set for an invited user who is on DST. Resolved issue where DST wasn't correctly shown on calendar attachments. Resolved issue of showing the option 'send to new added users' only when new users where actually added to the edited session. Resolved issue where the schedule could not be sorted by date. Added missing sections on the user's service plan tab for deactivated deleted users. Improved flash check to work correctly on new safari 10 browser. Resolved issue where session registration page was not deactivated when the session owner is already deleted. Resolved issue where e-mail header on recording invites did not show the updated client logo from branding. Resolved issue where an 'Allow blocked content' confirmation popup appeared in IE browser when starting recording a playback. Fixed issue where profile language changed to English after logout but the green notification was displaying in the selected language. We are now keeping the profile language after logout. Fixed issue where the guest couldn't join session when friendly url contained only 0.


Neue Features
The MP4 recorder now performs a hardware check to determine whether your PC meets the minimum requirements. This helps to ensure that recordings are created without any issues. Reduced spacing in the new flat UI to create more space for content. Various design changes to simplify the handling and improve the usability. Lobby is now supported with telephone audio.
Ensured that appshare defaults to the language defined in its configuration file, if it is given a language that it does not recognize.


HF4691 - Improved the dependability of a stream in recording, so the user can switch audio/video during a broadcasting without any drawbacks. HF4690 - Fixed issue where Flex tried to buffer too many streams simultaneously (at the beginning of a recording), which caused disconnections during the playback.
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