2. June 2011

Version OnSync 4.1.6 r3716
Wow, this is a huge release. New Q&A synclet, new polling synclet, new follow-the-mouse for appshare, better security, PRO video settings via an all new preferences panel.. keep reading below. And enjoy OnSync 4.1.6. We're proud of it.


FEATURE: New Question & Answer synclet. Allows moderators to selectively receive and answer questions before publishing them to the session.
FEATURE: New Polling synclet. Create live polls and keep your users engaged.
FEATURE: Application share is now 100% size by default for viewers.
FEATURE: Application share follows the cursor for viewers, greatly improving viewing experience.
FEATURE: Application share now zooms in on content and removes unnecessary black space.
FEATURE: Much improved security through use of RTMPE protocol.
FEATURE: Improved efficiency and speed of startup and connection sequence.
FEATURE: Upload a branding logo for the inroom topbar at any width you like.
FEATURE: Implented a new Preferences Panel available via the options menu. This replaces the previous settings screens.
FEATURE: Much improved audio and video controls via the Preferences Panel.
FEATURE: Professional and custom video preferences - will be limited to PRO accounts in a future release.
FEATURE: Improved efficiency for large events.
FEATURE: Changed the default sort order of Media Library to sort by name.
FEATURE: Standardised the behaviour of a click on the avatar in video conference. It now always collapses video.
FEATURE: When deleting whiteboard, a prompt asks if to erase the single page or the entire document.
FEATURE: Added advanced controls to Echo Cancellation preferences.
FEATURE: Changed entire font set for better support for foreign languages such as arabic, cyrillic, chinese, etc.
FEATURE: Improved invite users functionality to allow invitations via emails.
FEATURE: Added a notification for guests to let them know they need an OnSync account to save their uploaded files.
FEATURE: Implemented file size limits for uploads.
FEATURE: Font size can now be changed for the entire app to make fonts easier to read for people with poor vision.
FEATURE: When you open a new synclet, it will automatically detect if there is free space and pick it's position and size.
FEATURE: Added a much better flash check, especially if no flash plugin is installed.
FIX: Observers and participants were able to scroll using scrollbars. Thank you @oigaa for reporting.
FIX: Could not always delete a Media Library file.
FIX: Fixed an error downloading files from Shared Files.
FIX: Fixed an issue that could cause an error renaming Media Library files.
FIX: Fixed an issue that caused camera selection to stop working on Macs.
FIX: Remove the "work alone" button from contentshare, this button had no function.
FIX: Fixed an issue where a file would stay open in content viewer if deleted directly from the Media Library.
FIX: Fixed an issue where selecting the appshare driver as a conference video source crashed chrome/FF.
FIX: Improved translations.
FIX: Removed start broadcast menu items in userlist when broadcasting.
FIX: Fixed an issue where video conference could appear cut off.
FIX: Increased chat efficiency to avoid UI lockups when there was a lot of content.
FIX: Fixed an issue that could cause the layout to break.
FIX: Huge improvements on web server performance/efficiency.
FIX: Connection light data did not show for spanish.
FIX: Shared cursor position is now correct for all users. Often it was out of position.
FIX: Checkmarks in workspace now indicate active layout.
FIX: Fixed a tooltip rendering artefact.
FIX: Fixed an issue that could prevent OnSync from loading completely.
FIX: Volume slider in conference synclet sometimes did not appear.
FIX: Improved pause state of recordings.
FIX: Some special characters caused links to break in the chat synclet.

NOTE: We released a hotfix on 8th of June, addressing two issues. Previous release number was r3715:
HOTFIX: Some mac users that have the old screen share driver DS Screen in stalled reported crashes when starting a video conference.
HOTFIX: Fixed an issue where playback of recordings would buffer endlessly.



FEATURE: Allow larger in-room logo upload in the branding section for PRO users.
FEATURE: Implemented recording limits.
FEATURE: Added Usage Statistics to left menu.
FEATURE: Ability to turn off log in for recordings by checking the Allow Anonymous Playback checkbox when editing a recording.
FEATURE: Ability for a distributor to assign a user to another affiliate.
FEATURE: Implemented the ability to run SSL. SSL for our ASP users is coming soon.
FEATURE: Several optimizations of processes.
FEATURE: API feature, allows creation of sessions without an email sendout.
FEATURE: Added meeting title to the meeting invitation emails subject.
FEATURE: Admin can choose default language value for guests.
FEATURE: Set FMS IP for products in admin.
FEATURE: Improved feedback in admin that a user has been deleted.
FEATURE: Show a customer how many recordings he is using in Account Center.
FEATURE: Added file size limits to admin product screens.
FEATURE: Added recording limits.
FEATURE: Additional API methods for recordings.
FIX: Added a filter for "not grouped" contacts in Address book.
FIX: Continued translation of account center.
FIX: Fixed an issue where a profile change would turn off API access.
FIX: Fixed an issue where certain users were erroneously deleted by clean up routine.
FIX: Fixed cancel button in admin for add users and add products.
FIX: Optimized loading times of the dashboard.
FIX: Changed default invitee role to participants (changed pre-selection in dropdown).
FIX: Disallowed double signup with same username.
FIX: Fixed a typo in the new meeting label.
FIX: Fixed a display issue where text was cut off in the branding area.
FIX: Fixed an issue when deleting files from API.
FIX: Fixed an issue in admin where hitting enter in search would cause a 404 error.
FIX: Added chrome to IE window when launching from Account Center to allow resizing.
FIX: Fixed an issue where name would not appear in the Welcome menu.
FIX: Removed the remember me button on the login screen.
FIX: Fixed twp API errors.
FIX: Renamed limit to user limit in parent service plan edit screen in admin.

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